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What are the best methods of learning for a child?

Learning is the process of acquisition & assimilation of knowledge that occurs in various ways. That means there presents lots of different methods through which one can learn. So, let us find out some of the best methods learning.

Before discussing about  best methods of learning, we should first know what is learning? Basically, learning is a process or way through which one can learn something. Learning can be occurred in two ways that is direct and indirect.

Direct learning implies learning in the formal education system. Whereas, indirect learning takes place in anywhere or everywhere.

Besides of different methods of learning, we have found following as probably the best.

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1. Play way Method:

As the name suggests this method suggests that a child can learn with the help of play. It is one of the best methods of learning.Here, the teacher creates an environment where they can learn by playing with objects. Simple numbers, alphabets, arithmetical calculations can easily taught by this method.

2.Trial and Error Method:

It implies repetition of trials and thereby improves results. That means by repeating trials child can improve results which eventually leads to learning. Here, the teacher poses to a situation from which they can construct knowledge. For example: solving jumble words, solving simple arithmetic calculation etc.

Best Learning Methods

3.Learning by Doing: As the name implies here a child learn while doing an activity. That means it is a self performed activity. All the learning activities of General Science falls under this category.



Experimentation is the method of validating as well as establishing a theory or hypothesis. Basically, it is applicable to those subjects which provides a handy scope of experimenting such as Geography, Science, Mathematics etc.

5.Field Study:

Like others students also loves to visit places of different interest. After all, field study not only give us opportunity to visit places but also enable us to learn something new. Field study can be organized to Museums, Planetarium, Science hub etc.

6.Group Learning/ Discussion:

As the name suggests it is a group activity. Here, small groups of 5-10 students were formed. Thereafter, the groups were assigned with some problem of which they have to find solutions.

So, here we have discussed some of the best methods of learning. If you feel I have missed something tell me in the comments.

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