EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: Its nature, meaning and importance

Educational psychology is that school which studies the interrelations between psychology and education. It is a branch of applied psychology. As we know that our mental state is very much important in the process of learning. That is why educational psychology emerges. It consists of the application of psychological principles and techniques to human behavior in educational environment. What is educational psychology? Educational psychology is the study of behavior of students during teaching- learning process. In educational psychology the teacher look for any unusual or disturbed state of mind in students so as to provide remedy to them. According to Skinner, “Educational Psychology is that branch of psychology which deals with teaching and learning.” Crow and Crow defined it as, “Educational psychology describes and explains the learning experiences of an individual from birth through old age. So it is the psychology of teaching and learning. In addition, it helps the teacher to understand the development of his pupils., the range and limits of their capacities, the processes by which they learn, and their social relationships. It is the principle and techniques essential for- Understanding the  behavior of the pupil in response to educational environment. Desired modification of his behavior to bring an all round development of his personality. “Education psychology is the science of Education.”  -Peel Etymology of Education:                      The term education is comes from the following Latin words. (i)            Educare  which means “bring up” or “rise up” (ii)          Educere  which means “lead out” or “draw out” (iii)         E & Duco where “E” means “out of” and “Duco” means “to draw out” (iv)         Educatum which means “Act of Teaching/Training” Similarly, the term psychology is comes from two Greek word “Psyche” meaning soul and “logos” meaning study. Therefore, educational psychology may imply study of soul while teaching or while they were bringing up. Read also: PRAGMATISM and EDUCATION National development: meaning, scope and different perspectives A short account on Physical education Why educational psychology is necessary/ important? Educational psychology is a key component in the teaching learning process. It is important from various perspectives. Such as———– To know the student:  It enables a teacher to know his learner and identify his/her potentialities, capabilities, strength and weaknesses. Needed for selecting and organizing the subject matter or learning experiences: When a teacher knows his students the it become easy for him to select and organise learning experiences and also selects or develops learning materials. It suggests the tools and techniques of teaching and learning: Educational psychology suggests different tools and techniques which the use to make his class more attractive, so that he can involve students in the teaching learning process. To arrange learning situations or environments: Educational psychology helps the teacher to create or arrange appropriate learning situations for students. For example the knowledge of group dynamics or group behavior gives the necessary art for teaching or learning in the group. Rendering guidance services: The knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher in rendering guidance services to the students. He can better diagnose his students the abilities , interests, and aptitudes of his pupils. Solving classroom problems: There are innumerable problem like backwardness, truancy, bullying, cheating   situations which a teacher has to face in the classroom. Educational helps the teacher in this field also. Knowing about himself: Knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher to know about himself. As a result he can know about his own behavior pattern, personality characteristics, likes and dislikes, motivation, anxiety, conflicts, adjustment etc. Methods of Educational Psychology: Educational psychology is the study of human behavior in educational environment. It employs different methods in different situations to study the behavior of learners. Accordingly, these methods are classified as under: Experimental method: In this method behavior of a person is objectively observed under a pre-arranged or controlled environment. The environment is controlled so that the person could not escape from the observation. From such type observation some conclusion may be drawn. Differential method: It is based on individual differences. Here the investigator goes to the field to investigate and collect information. In this method the investigator should study each person separately. Clinical method: This method is applied for diagnosis and treatment of a person with a problem or mental difficulty. It is extensively used in educational psychology and abnormal cases of psychology. Psychological problems are now a days very common. Major section of our society suffer from a wide range psychological problems such as, depression, tension, insecurity complex etc. So study of educational psychology becomes very much necessary so that we can curb majority of the problem in a Child’s initial years.