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                           Are you a parent or teacher who often has to deal with children with special needs in particular child with learning disability? Are you feeling any difficulties  in understanding an dealing with them? Then you are in the right place. In this article we should try to figure out the basic concept and problems of learning disabled. It will help you to understand how to deal with the learning disabled child? And how to take care of them?

What is learning disability:

                          First of all, we should know what learning disability is? Learning disability is a neurological disorder. As the name suggests, it refers to those children who suffers from difficulty in learning. Particularly speaking they shows limited intellectual abilities.

                          In addition they suffer from some neurological processing problems. Therefore,  interferes with the learning of basic skills like reading, writing and numeracy.  Similarly, they also interferes with higher skill like organization, time-planning, abstract thinking and reasoning etc. Moreover, such child finds difficulty in understanding the subject-matter, share their emotions and feelings etc. 


  1. Dyslaxia: It is a disorder relating to languages.
  2. Dyscalculia: The problems relating to arithmetic concept is dyscalculia.
  3. Dysgraphia: Dysgraphia is a writing disorder.
  4. Aphasia: It indicates troubled understanding of spoken languages, poor reading comprehension.
  5. Dypraxia: Specifically speaking, it indicates problems with motor coordination.
  6. Central auditory Processing Disorder: It is difficulty in processing and remembering language related task.
    Causes of Learning Disabilities:

                       Although there is no real cause behind learning disabilities. But some expected causes were often termed to be responsible for learning disability. Some of these expected causes were mentioned here accordingly-

  1. Organic: Organic cause is basically related with the Central Nervous System. Due to the dysfunctioning of CNS learning can occur in child.
  2. Heredity: Hereditary elements of human Gene can also result in learning disability.
  3. Accidents after birth: Accidents after birth also results in learning disability.
  4. Medical Conditions: Problems during pregnancy, neurological disease etc however sometimes instigates learning disability.
  5. Biochemical imbalance: It is also another factor that is believed to causing learning disabilities.
  • Firstly, they are slow in responding other while communicating.
  • Generally, they omits letters from words and sometimes adds letters in words.
  • Similarly, they omits lines while reading a paragraph.
  • They often misreads numbers which have similarities.
  • Tend to write and speaks letter in wrong order.
  • Further, they misreads the orders of the days, months and seasons.
  • They confuses between left and right as well as east or west.
  • Fails to concentrate in a particular subject.
  • Sometimes they reads words backwards.
  1. Linguistic difficulty: In general, such child finds difficulty in reading, writing, sentence construction. For this reason they cannot effectively extract necessary information about the subject content and rules of grammar.
  2. Poor memory: Their memory retention power is significantly low. As a result they cannot recall ideas and information when necessary.
  3. Social problems: Social problems of these child’s are basically related with the socialization process. Due to their limited abilities and skills they hesitate to interact with others.
  4. Emotional problems: Likewise they also suffers from various emotional problems like fear, anger, shyness, hesitation.
  5. Attention: Again they cannot concentrate on a topic or object for long time. Their attention span is very short.
  6. Poor general motor coordination: Then again these children suffer from poor general motor coordination.

                       Furthermore, hyperactivity, maladjustment, difficulty in judging in relation, reading problems, poor academic achievement etc some other problems of the learning disabled.

Solution/Care for learning disabled child:
  1. Encouragement: The parents and teachers should encourage such students even though of their low performances. In addition inspiring stories and tales should be read to them. Eventually which will increase his self-confidence.
  2. Use drill and practice: For such child’s drill and practice are very useful. Particularly speaking, use of repeated drill and practices improves the skills and efficiency of such child.
  3. Special equipments: The children’s should be provided with special equipments and tools suitable to their need. For instance- talking calculator, word processor with spell checker, digital dictionary.
  4. Rapid pace interaction: The parents as well as the teachers should frequently interact with the children. Eventually which will develop to a bond in between them. More importantly the parents as well as the teacher can figure out the needs of the children’s.
  5. Play way method: For teaching those children play way method is very fruitful. Education through play enhances their domain of thinking, skill, innovation and experiences.
  6. Inclusive Education: Inclusive education is another useful tool to teach these children. In inclusive school children with different abilities can learn together in same school. Moreover it promotes spirit of unity among them.
  7. Special schools: In addition to inclusive schools special schools can also be introduced to meet the need of such children. In such a school specially trained teachers helps children to their best.
  8. Remedial teaching: In regular schools remedial teaching can be provided to support the need of the children. It gives opportunity to the children to learn and improve his efficiency.

                                     Moreover if you have any query or want to know more write in the comment section we will try to resolve your query.

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