A short account on Physical education

                       Education is a system through which students were prepared for future life. Physical education is a form of education. It gives importance to the development of physical health. As we know development of physical as well as mental health is very important for the growth and development of an individual.   “Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading.  I will rather say more necessary, because health is worth more than learning.”   – Thomas Jefferson                           Perhaps, every ancient civilization gave importance in the development of physical and mental health. Among these the most important are Greeks and Indians. From ancient times Greeks gives importance to physical education and mastery in sports. Therefore, Olympic games was formed. In India students learn Physical education, Sports and Yoga in the Gurukula’s . Students learns sports hlike fencing, horse-riding, wrestling etc. Why physical education is necessary?  Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase, usually translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. It implies that for a healthy mind a healthy body or physical health is necessary. In unhealthy body we cannot expect a healthy mind. To be physically healthy we need to do some physical work, exercise and drills. For this reason nowadays it become more popular.  Read also:  LEARNING: It’s meaning, nature and types PRAGMATISM and EDUCATION National development: meaning, scope and different perspectives Therefore, many scholars and educationist shows their keen interest towards  physical education.It is as much as important as formal education. It is the co-scholastic part of the education. In schools various physical exercise and sports are practiced. For example- Football, Cricket, Basketball, General March, Athletics etc. This will not only strengthen their body but also their mind. However, it is necessary that such type of physical education should be provided by a well trained instructor. Apart from the regular physical education classes as taught in schools students may join physical education courses.  Many Universities and colleges provides courses and training programs on Physical education. The courses like MSc in physical education in USA, B.Ph.Ed. in India etc. To be a physical instructor one must possess a professional degree in Physical education.  That means interested students can make it is as a carrier. Merits/Benefits of Physical education: It makes the students hardworking. Students also realises the value of labour. Student may learn self-respect as well as individual dignity. Student learn to respect his classmates and also believes in teamwork. Moreover, it develops the feeling of unity and integrity. Demerits of Physical Education: Excess time on physical it tend to harm his academic education. It has limited carrier options. Individual selfishness increases. Students with poor health may suffer from inferiority complex.